hello world

my trap song to the thieving fuck boys

if you a thief, ill knock ya teeth
ill choke ya out, till ya can’t breath
machete now? out of the sheath
under the point you are beneath
get on yo knees n kiss on my feet
i made a chain out of your teeth
made money gains, at the boutique
sold all yo shit, yeah that was me

pinchin snitchin mother fuckin bitchis
jock itch and burning piss
get in a ditch thats your niche bitch
you fuckin wit the wrong niggas bitch

i came i saw i conquered, i shot you down
but your brain still has a conscious
oh? what i do now?
so i slice open your carcass
n you make a sound
then i reached in but your heartless
would have ripped it out

pot smokers are the next slaves, blacks, women and gays

they get so much discrimination. jobs wont hire you because you smoke pot. you get put in a cage for the herb. 

   if Ron Paul was president life in the U.S. would actually feel free. a fan of the veto the essence of anarchy, less laws more rights. we should be abolishing laws not creating more. beauty and functionality lies in simplicity. prohibition is the cause of gang violence thus the war on drugs is causing terrorism.between the cops robbers and growers, the growers are the martyrs. give them their rights back and protect them because they are equals, Americans have the right to smoke marijuana. we should just re write our entire system. 


Charlo “F—-k it, I quit” Greene Lights A Joint Live On Air

After announcing she was leaving her job at the KTVA station in Anchorage, Alaska, by telling viewers, “F—k it, I quit,” she joined HuffPost Live on Thursday and smoked a joint live on the air.

"I’ll spark up right now. It is what it is. I’m in the privacy of my own home."

So yes, that happened.

(via weedporndaily)